How Do You Like Me Now?

The SisterWives


What if I’m writing this naked?

Does that make me more interesting?

Will you still listen to what I have to say if I’m not conventionally pretty? Or young? Not delicate and feminine? Not what you pictured before you read these words?

In hooker heels, I’m over six feet tall. I’m a size 16. Those heels would be a size ten. I don’t wear them anymore. I don’t wear thong underwear. I don’t wear bras that make me look like I’m trying to serve you my breasts. I love a good boob shirt – on me or somebody else  – but I don’t wear anything that compromises my comfort in order to make another person feel better about my femininity, my physicality, or my sexuality.

Am I still interesting? Assuming, of course, that I ever was?

I’m forty-seven years old. Two children via C-section. My belly button looks angry and bitter, and it’s so scarred and sunken that I…

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