Good Morning Starshine


I need to swallow MY pride
Have they ever been there
I need to push through it
Have they ever felt my pain
I need to grow up
Did they ever lose what I did
I need to move on
Then why are they allowed to use the past against me


Countdown to a new beginning
Countdown to another end
Painful pages of journals ripped out
To make room for new chapters
New stories
But do we burn them for light
Smoke them for nostalgia
Or shred them so there is no evidence
No evidence
Of the girl I once knew
Of the places I’d been
Of the words you once said


I promised you No filters
Let me take those rose colored glasses
And place them in the fire
Of broken computer screens
And promises never kept
I never held you to their faults
Will you hold me to their expectations?


Where do you go
When so many dreams
Have been broken
Who do you talk to
When your reflection
Stops being you
What button do you press
To say
Fuck it
I want to try again
Forget what I was
Just want to be?



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