When the words….

…just fade away….

I had the words
But somewhere between the fights
And the tears
They drifted away
Like sand through the fingers
Of an innocent child

Blamed of crying wolf
Blamed of excuses
Blamed of asking too much
Giving too little
I had the words only hours ago
But my mind is a fresh a jumble
Of white noise and chaos

Faced the abuse
Faced the anger
Faced the tears
Faced the scars
Faced the pain

Swallowed my pride years ago
But for what
To be told to do it again and again
What is left to swallow
Try and try and try
And you see it for nothing out see it for

So I hide
Hide the me
From the me
Hide the me
From the you
From the world
But glimpse
Beuond the k at mask
That slams still solidly in place
Because the sacrifice I make
Is still not as much as needed

Not a person
Technology a priority
Just push through
So many words
Words that from the other side of the looking glass may be easier to take


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