Tonight I am Authoring (and Editing)


Tonight I sent out a survey to people because I needed to know that they were important to me. I wanted them to know they have a place in my heart my music and my stories. I am also gleaning information from them as I go, for playlists and other things. I asked a few simple questions and I am actually semi nervous of the responses. Here was my tiny survey…


Alright so here is the scoop. I am in the process of writing 3 books.

The reason I am messaging you is because you were an important turning point in my life. Whether we were friends with so much tension you could cut it with a knife, lovers, in love, in a relationship or something else…You touched and changed my life in a very big way.

I am not asking to use your name in a book, I am just asking a few questions that would help me shape some of the stories, name some of the chapters and really get a sense of what the other half thought of what we had.

So here we go..

If you had to pick a song that describes what went on between us what would it be and why (artist and title please so I can put it on a playlist for inspiration)

If you had to pick a song that reminds you of me what would it be and why? (artist and title please)

Favorite memory of us non sexual(you can totally do a sexual too if you want)

What do you think brought us together?

Did I make a significant change in your life?

Anything else you would like to add?


We will see what they have to say, in the meantime I am editing one of my FAVE author’s new WIP’s and wanting to hop in a plane and hit her with pickles because she touches my heart. I am also learning about becoming a Shakeology coach and kinda paying attention to America’s got Talent.


Charming is in the ER for his back and I am not asleep and I am trying to sta that way. I want to write but I need music. Inspiration. A muse. Whom I had earlier but got lost somewhere between therapy and kids not wanting to sleep. So here is a bunch of pictures for inspiration and if you have anything to say go for it.


I would Love to hear what you want to read about. What would YOU like a book to say?






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