Until we meet again


I kept checking my phone, the minutes crawled by slowly as they had in school. Your sister spun in the doctors chair, your brother off at camp on hero day and you…soul in heaven remains being lowered into the ground surrounded by strangers. As the minutes crawled by, I knew in my heart I couldn’t bear to be at that site, for fear I would try to hold you one last time. Take what was left of you in my hands and weep for our loss. The days we never spent with Popsicles on our faces, the nights never spent rocking you to sleep. My body still aches without you there. But I will visit your stone and that of the others, so many babies lost before they knew the wonder of Mama’s smile and Daddys arms. I know you are at peace, up ther, with your big sister and the rest of your family whom I miss too. But you my sweet girl, this was your day. And I want you to know that I have not and will never forget of the imprint your short life made on my heart.

Love always



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