3 Quotes in 3 Days (or 4 who’s counting?!) Set your Soul FREE!!!

Soooo….There were no quotes yesterday, I skipped a day. Like sometimes a dieter cheats on a diet or a gym rat skips a day of sweating. Real life happened. Family day, Jurassic World, comics, tacos, puppies…Ya know the real world stuff. The stuff that makes everyone go awww or AHHHHH DINOSAURS! (I was a lot of the latter) Anyway. Todaybegan a new chapter in my book. A post about that later, on a new page as I will be documenting the who journey. First, on my last day of quotes I will tag my three lovlies…  revealingtheabsolute storyshucker and thatshamelesshussy . I really want to see what they have to say.

So onto my quotes. I have two ad I have each time. These two go hand in hand with what I ent through today, with what I will be experiencing in the next few months, with where I hope you will journey with me.


This first one goes out to my very loving boyfriend Charming. And it’s true, he does. He faces my triggers with me head on. He doesn’t back down when I push him away. He grabs my hands when I want to scratch and hands me something to occupy my fingers with. He sees my switch flip and holds me till it flips back. He knows when to turn the music up because I just need to lose myself. He pushes me when I need pushing and backs off when I have had to much. We have laughed and cried. When I started my journey at the doctors today he waiting impatiently by the phone to make sure I was ok. I never thought I wuld make it through all I went through without him and I never thought I could make it to that appointment today without of support. He makes me brave enough to believe in me.

dea1ddbe3c3998ea2c9a12f44030b962Because it is OK just to be you. I love you for you (I have to learn how to turn that on myself) but YOU should love you for you. It is OK to get up, go to Starbucks and let everyone see you just as you are. That is when you will know how loved you are, who is there with you all the way. It isn’t about what you wear or how you look it is abut how you carry yourself and what your spirit looks like

So much love




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