There is no place like home by Bohemian RockChick


David Snape and Friends - The place to show off your hidden talents

I have racing thoughts, racing thoughts since well forever. And I always want to write, write and take pictures. lots of words and pictures and pictures and words. And I remember EVERYTHING. And that SUCKS! It sucks even more when you have Bipolar II and Borderline Personality Disorder with Narcissistic Tendencies. Because not only do your moods fluctuate, but, you push and pull people away hurting yourself in the process. AND everything is about you, even if you don’t mean to do it…You make everything about you. And then you have these words, and they come to you, and sometimes you are able to get them out, and you get them out and people tell you that you should write but when you sit down to write you can’t get the words out. And when you can get words out, you are in the car or the shower, talk to…

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