The Children are Our Future

In January 2013 I posted this on a page for single moms with autistic kids on FB. Within minutes it when viral. Or at least viral for me. Over 30,000 likes and over 5,000 shares on just that page alone. I have no clue where else it went. An old friend of mine tracked me down through this photo today and told me how much hope it gave her. So I wanted to share it with you this morning. These two are my reasons to keep on trucking. Because they are our future and our future looks bright. (I’ve included the original post below the photo). Feel free to share away397594_485473171491649_2057575986_n“Most grownups don’t understand Asperger’s. My three year old daughter does… Jayson said, “Kay I’m not feeling good, I forgot my blanket. I need pressure.” This is what she did. No questions. No fighting. They are watching TV…I love my kids.”

I will write more on Aspies and Autism and our family’s struggles and victories at another time but I wanted to share that with you and this with you. Everyday is something brand new when you have a kiddo on the spectrum, it wonderous and exciting, it is terrifying and sometimes you just want to cry. But the rewards are so worth it.






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